Location Independent Working Culture

Location Independent Working Culture

Enabling and supporting location independent work happens at many levels, all the way from organisational guidelines to the habits of an individual.

Whether you seek information and guidance in the form of training or a more thorough hands-on implementation of best practices, we have you covered.


The key to well functioning distributed organisation is a culture of trust, created through collaborative habits, guided by supportive processes, and enabled by the right tooling.

We can coach your organisation towards the right direction, and walk alongside you on your way to distributed culture.


Communication, collaboration, cooperation. Becoming a great team requires effort, regardless of physical location.

We can guide your team to find the right solutions for your specific situation and preference.


Working without being bound to a location or time provides a great flexibility for settings up ones routines and work/life balance.

We can help you in setting your virtual office and daily habits in a way that allows you to make the best use of your time.

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