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Enabling pursuit of passion through location independent work

Our Mission

Location Independent Working Culture

Location Independent Working Culture

Enabling and supporting location independent work happens at many levels, all the way from organisational guidelines to the habits of an individual.

Whether you seek information and guidance in the form of training or a more thorough hands-on implementation of best practices, we have you covered.


The key to well functioning distributed organisation is a culture of trust, created through collaborative habits, guided by supportive processes, and enabled by the right tooling.

We can coach your organisation towards the right direction, and walk alongside you on your way to distributed culture.


Communication, collaboration, cooperation. Becoming a great team requires effort, regardless of physical location.

We can guide your team to find the right solutions for your specific situation and preference.


Working without being bound to a location or time provides a great flexibility for settings up ones routines and work/life balance.

We can help you in setting your virtual office and daily habits in a way that allows you to make the best use of your time.

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Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership & Technical View

Sometimes it is best to nudge things towards more flexible ways of working as part of normal work rather than as a separate track. With a number of success stories in software projects under our belt, we are here to help when you need a steady hand to your project. Always with a twist of location independence, but we leave it to you to define how much.

We specialise in financial industry and animation productions, but the same principles and good practices can be easily applied to other contexts as well. Titles we work with vary from project manager, Release Train Engineer (SAFe RTE), Scrum master, to just a generic good guy behind the pipeline, but the focus is always on making the work and the team hum.

Financial Industry

In a heavily regulated industry, a good holistic view of the overall requirements is key to managing any initiative. We believe in enabling tight focus to push things forward, clear communication to keep stakeholders engaged, and solid structure to maintain control of the full scope.

Animation Productions

Let artists focus on art. We define and automate information flows in a way that allows producers to stay on top of their progress while the artists can avoid unnecessary overhead.

In need of a steady hand to guide your project?



Effective – no matter where you are.

That is our goal. Whether you work from an office, your home, or the local cafe, we believe you should be able to contribute value towards your customers, company, and team as effectively as if you were sitting right next to them all day long.

Location Independence. Flexibility. Effectiveness. Work/Life interaction.

Those are a few things we are passionate about.

Fully distributed teams. Multi-country teams. Multi-location teams. Outsourcing. Off-shoring. Near-shoring. Freelancing.

These are the contexts where we can apply our passion,

Same best practises for communication and flow apply in much wider contexts irrespective of the content of the work. Every situation is different, and the habits, conventions and culture should be nurtured in cohesion with the surrounding environment, not against it.


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