Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership & Technical View

Sometimes it is best to nudge things towards more flexible ways of working as part of normal work rather than as a separate track. With a number of success stories in software projects under our belt, we are here to help when you need a steady hand to your project. Always with a twist of location independence, but we leave it to you to define how much.

We specialise in financial industry and animation productions, but the same principles and good practices can be easily applied to other contexts as well. Titles we work with vary from project manager, Release Train Engineer (SAFe RTE), Scrum master, to just a generic good guy behind the pipeline, but the focus is always on making the work and the team hum.

Financial Industry

In a heavily regulated industry, a good holistic view of the overall requirements is key to managing any initiative. We believe in enabling tight focus to push things forward, clear communication to keep stakeholders engaged, and solid structure to maintain control of the full scope.

Animation Productions

Let artists focus on art. We define and automate information flows in a way that allows producers to stay on top of their progress while the artists can avoid unnecessary overhead.

In need of a steady hand to guide your project?